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∞ Amazon and Whole Foods


If you’re at all interested in Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods then you should check out the Exponent podcast. Ben Thompson’s unique analysis of why Amazon spent so much money on the grocer is spot on I think. Also check out his article Amazon’s New Customer”, which is quite insightful as well.

This is the key to understanding the purchase of Whole Foods: to the outside it may seem that Amazon is buying a retailer. The truth, though, is that Amazon is buying a customer — the first-and-best customer that will instantly bring its grocery efforts to scale.

Today, all of the logistics that go into a Whole Foods store are for the purpose of stocking physical shelves: the entire operation is integrated. What I expect Amazon to do over the next few years is transform the Whole Foods supply chain into a service architecture based on primitives: meat, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, non-perishables (Whole Foods’ outsized reliance on store brands is something that I’m sure was very attractive to Amazon). What will make this massive investment worth it, though, is that there will be a guaranteed customer: Whole Foods Markets.