∞ Two Persistent Myths in Teaching and Learning

These two myths are so prevalent in the education world, especially on blogs and other websites. I think the first one still has some truth to it but the statistics are misleading. Sure, if you teach or are actively involved in what you are learning most people will retain the information more. But that’s not to say that the lecture or other traditional modes are dead. People have been learning this way for years. If it wasn’t an effective method then this would have been throw out just by experience. The other myth should be obvious to anyone who thinks about it. We all learn in a variety of different ways. No one learns only by one method.

If we have learners practice by doing,” they will retain 75% of what they’re taught””

We all have one primary learning style that needs to be accommodated for in our learning”

Source: 2 Persistent Myths About Teaching and Learning - Teaching in Higher Ed

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