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10.5” is the Ideal Size for the iPad Pro


Over the weekend I conducted some research for a writing project. My typical setup for research involving PDFs is PDF Expert on the left and Goodnotes 4 on the right hand side. On the 9.7” iPad Pro this was a somewhat cramped setup. The PDF text was just a little too small and the writing window in Goodnotes could stand to be a little bit bigger. Nevertheless, it still worked out.

PDF Expert 6 on the right & Goodnotes 4 on the left

The 20% bigger screen on the iPad Pros make it just big enough to make a massive difference. Reading my PDF on the left while taking notes on the right didn’t seem nearly as cramped. The text is larger enough to read easily and the writing window is plenty sufficient. This is a similar feeling I’ve had with the keyboard. Its just big enough, which, at the end of the day, makes a massive difference.

I think the new 10.5” size is perfect for the widest use case. Sure, 12.9” would be even better for reading a PDF on the left and taking notes on the right, but this ignores all the other benefits for a small size. And for me, the perfect combination of weight, size, portability, while running multiple apps at once at a comfortable size is the right choice for me.