5 Ts Audit for Delegating Tasks

5 Ts Audit for Delegating Tasks

I recently listened to Jenny Blake’s upcoming book, Free Time, that had a lot of great insights for managing your time well, being a strategic leader/manager/business owner, and focusing on what you do best. You can actually listen to the audio book now by pre-ordering the book, which is set to release in March.

I found her 5 Ts Audit for Offloading Tasks a particular helpful framework for looking at everything you do and managing it well. I am terrible at delegating, which takes away at focusing on my most important responsibilities at hand.

  1. Time - tasks that are so small that are inconsequential to handle but add up and take out of the flow for strategic work.
  2. Tedious - tasks that are relatively simple but tedious. Straight forward tasks can be clearly documented and handled by others.
  3. Time consuming - important and possibly complex tasks that can have someone else get started (initial research, ideas, etc) and then come in at 80% complete and finish the project.
  4. Terrible at - what am I bad at and how can I use others skills to assist me in these areas?
  5. Time sensitive - time sensitive tasks that interrupt higher priorities that need to be delegated so they can be completed parallel and on time.

Here is a link to that specific portion of the audio.

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