Accordance 10.2 Update

Accordance Bible Software just released a nice update today. They have added several features:

Attached Texts

Before the update if you had the ESV text on the left pane and the NA27 text on the right and you went to an Old Testament text then your right Greek pane would go blank. With the attached texts feature you can attach the LXX (or BHS) so that when you search an Old Testament text it will switch to the corresponding Bible.

MT-LXX Interlinear Database

This feature looks to be really helpful. It allows you to search either the Hebrew text or the LXX text and see the corresponding words. It looks like you have to buy the add-on for for $19.99 (on-sale from $29.99) here.[1] This looks to be a helpful study when comparing the LXX text with the Hebrew.

Improved Copy/Paste RTF Export

This may seem minor but I am sure glad they added this. You can now export by specifying the font and font color before hand. Before it was a pain because when you pasted the text into another application you had to change the font and font color in that app. I have mine to export in the SBL font (since I primarily export Greek texts) and the font color to black (this is helpful when you export a highlighted search). One thing I hope they add in the future is to maybe designate which text you are exporting and automatically change the font on that. For example, if you export an english text it would automatically be in Georgia and if you exported a Greek text it would be in SBL.

Some other major features include Dropbox sync between devices, copy as bibliography (finally!), and when you close all your workspaces you still have the Accordance screen there (before it looked like you quit the application completely).

Check out the complete list here.

  1. You can also buy the more advanced packaged for $79.99 here, which includes the parallel text.  ↩︎

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