Adding Email Messages to Evernote via EverMail

ChungwaSoft has produced a couple handy tools for on the Mac. I was first introduced to CargoLifter and SendLater by Katie Floyd in the Mac Power Users podcast. Each of these add-ons contributes some nice little features to Mail. For example, instead of sending large attachments in an email CargoLifter will allow you to easily upload them and provide a link to whichever cloud service you prefer (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, Droplr, etc.). SendLater allows you to send an email later (as long as your email client on the computer is still open). This is useful if I need to send out an email in a couple days because I can go ahead and write it and set it to automatically send it at the time I want. I can also avoid the impression that I am always reading and responding to an email. If someone sends me an email and it isn’t urgent I will just set it to send in a couple hours. This is especially useful if I am processing email for work at night in order to give the impression that I am available 24/7.

Enter EverMail. EverMail allows you to quickly and easily send your emails to Evernote. Now don’t get me wrong it is already pretty convenient to use the Evernote email address. But a couple things occur that I do not like. For example, it adds an extra forwarded email in your mailbox. Also, in the Evernote note it includes FWD:” both in the title and the message. I realize that you can remove it but it is just annoying. EverMail changes all that. Along with what you can traditionally do with forwarding an email you can also easily send to specific notebooks, tags, and add reminders. 

Check out the short video I made to show some of the features of EverMail.

You can purchase EverMail here and they are offering 25% off by using the coupon code: YOSEMITE. I’m not affiliated with ChungwaSoft in any way and purchased this software on my own.

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