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Zoomed Out: Is This Really Online Education? 
Focus > Time 
3 Ways to Connect With Your Online Students 
Quarantine Music and Podcasts 
Saving the New York Times Newspaper Front Page to Day One 
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Dictation on iOS 
Shortcut Monday: Day One Shortcuts on iOS 
Changes and Improvements for Teaching Greek this Semester 
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iPad Home Screen 
iOS Screen Recording and Sharing on YouTube 
Shortcut Monday: Getting a List Dates in the Future 
Podcast Episode Recommendation: Focused 64: The Power of Habits 
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iOS Tip - Quickly Share Screenshots 
Brydge Keyboard Pre-Orders for the New iPad Pro are Open 
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Date and Time Formatting in Siri Shortcuts 
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Quickly Go Back to the Home Screen in OmniFocus For iOS 
My Favorite Photo Editing App: Darkroom (now on iPad) 
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Recommended Coffee Shops in Denver 
Initial Thoughts on the New 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil 2.0, and Smart Keyboard Folio 
Built in Thesaurus Coming in iOS 12 
Help Fund Our Adoption by Donating to Our $5,000 Matching Grant 
Highly Focused People 
iOS Tip: Open Safari Link in a New Tab with Two Finger Tap 
10 Ways Canvas Makes Your Life Easier 
The Environment 
∞ Character Matters 
What Lies are You Believing that Are Stopping You From Making Lasting Change in Your Life? 
Greek Flashcards for Terms Occurring 10-50x 
Switching from Squarespace to Wordpress 
People Value Clarity Over Accessibility 
Keeping Twitter a Happy Place 
Cellular iPad 
Don't Let Email Control You 
10 Thoughts on iPhone X 
Review of the Lofree Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard 
∞ Read the right book today then it could change your life forever 
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Forget the iPad. The iPhone as a “Laptop Replacement” 
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10.5” is the Ideal Size for the iPad Pro 
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Rules for Brainstorming 
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Charging the Apple Pencil: Failed Design or Genius? 
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Saturday Recommendation: Deep Work by Cal Newport 
Review of the 10.5” Apple Smart Keyboard 
Review of the Apple Leather Sleeve for 10.5\" iPad Pro 
Initial Thoughts on the New 10.5\" iPad Pro 
Review of the Logitech \"Slim\" Combo for 10.5\" iPad Pro 
CanvasCon 2017 in Indianapolis 
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New iOS 11 Features That I'm Looking Forward To 
Eating Habits, Fitness, 100 lbs Down, and the Apple Watch 
Deliberate Practice 
**SOLD** iPad Pro 12.9\" (128GB) + Smart Keyboard - $600 
iOS 11 Wishlist Follow-up 
iOS 11 Wishlist for Apple's WWDC Keynote 
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Following Your Passion 
Mac Tip: Pasting as Plain Text and Using a Free Clipboard Manager 
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Slowing Down and Being Known 
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RSS, Twitter, and Newsletters OH MY 
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Working Together: The Analyst & The Creative 
Brief Introduction to Markdown and Why I Use it For Notes and Other Writing 
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Not Forgetting 
Searching Photos on Your iPhone 
The Allure of Email 
The Price of Notifications 
200 Days of 10,000 Steps 
Focus is Hard Work 
You Only Have Today: Writing as Thinking 
The Safety of Writer's Block 
The Enneagram and Writer's Block 
Blogging Woes 
Thoughts on Research and Note Taking After O'Brien and Eerdmans 
Pre-order @DrJTPennington's new book on the Sermon on the Mount 
Thoughts on the recent Evernote Plan and Pricing Changes 
Jeremy Begbie, The Trinity, and Music 
Twitter and the Trinity 
May 2016 Biblical Studies Carnival: School's Out Edition 
Two Helpful Biblical Greek Sites 
Henri De Lubac on the Chasm Between Current and Patristic Thought 
The Need and Help Beatitudes 
Why the Lack of the Institution of the Eucharist in John (Bauckham)? 
Richard Bauckham on Participation in Christ from John 6 
Dunn on Pitting the Imminent and Future Kingdom of God Against Each Other 
Karl Barth on The Lens To Which We Read Holy Scripture 
Abridged Reading Guide for John Barclay's Paul and the Gift 
Link Post: The Past, the Present, and the Possibilities in Online Theological Education by @DrTimothyPJones 
SBL Handbook Tip: Formatting Names of Publishers 
A Narrative Reading of Apollos and Paul (Acts 18:24-28; 19:1-7) 
QOTD: Acts for Christians Today 
Theologians Reading the Gospels Audio/Video Links 
Doug Moo Lectures on James 
OLC 2015 Session Notes: Teaching With Your Hands Tied 
Scripture and Hermeneutics/Doctrine Seminar Event Information 
Speeches in Ancient History and Acts 
Augustine: Allegory and the Good Samaritan 
New Book Series: The Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader 
Check out Abram K-J's Accordance Webinar 
Soul Care and the Problem of Evil 
C.S. Lewis's Experience of Learning Classical Greek 
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Kevin Vanhoozer Lectures on the 5 Solas of the Reformation 
Writing Tips from Dr. Brian Vickers 
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...His single matching our double 
How You Can Avoid the \"Syllabus Lecture\" on the First Day of the Semester 
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30 Tips for New Seminarians 
∞ F.F. Bruce Audio Lectures 
Help Support My Wife's Walk to End Alzheimer's 
∞ Be Notified of the Book Release from the Linguistics and Greek Verb Conference 
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Karl Barth and the Gospels: Conference Live Stream from Princeton Seminary 
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Why Do We Need the Gospels? 
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Some Thoughts on the First Day of the Emerging Technologies for Online Learning Conferece 
Creating Measurable Objectives 
Creating Engaging Videos for Online Learning 
6 Principles for Active Learning 
On the Value of Mentors for Education 
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Quickly Paste Bible References Using Accordance or Logos Bible Software 
∞ Allegory and Metaphor 
A Briefer History of Time: How Technology Changes Us in Unexpected Ways 
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Researching in Community 
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Cleaning Up Your Research PDF Workflow 
New User Guides for Drafts and Evernote 
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Reading the Bible in the 21st Century Conference (Louisville) 
∞ An Argument for the Church Calendar 
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∞ Book Notes on the Intellectual Life 
Blogs to Check Out in 2015 
Thanks for Reading and Happy New Year 
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Extracting YouTube Videos to Watch/Listen to Offline 
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How to Write a Lot 
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Book Review: Reading Backwards by Richard Hays 
How the Gospels Teach Us to Read the Old Testament (Hays) 
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Introducing The Center for Ancient Christian Studies 
QOTD: Jerome on Studying and Teaching Holy Scripture 
October 2014 Biblical Studies Carnival 
An Interview With Steven Runge On His New Commentary On Romans (Pt. 2) 
An interview with Steven Runge on his new commentary on Romans (Pt. 1) 
Adding Email Messages to Evernote via EverMail 
QOTD: Vanhoozer on \"Meaning\" 
What is the \"Rule of Faith\"? 
The Viability of Augustine's Allegorical Interpretation of the Good Samaritan 
Biblical Studies Carnival: October 2014 Submission Form 
The Liturgy of the iPhone 
Instructor vs. Learner Models of Teaching 
Free \"Key Articles\" from the New Testament Studies Journal 
∞ On Writing: Sometimes Less is More 
Check out the SBTS Library and the Fall 2014 Workshops 
Learning from John Calvin: Drinking Deeply from the Early Church 
Thoughts and Notes on \"Calvin as Bible Interpreter\" 
Vocabulary Helps (Greek, Latin, and Hebrew) 
∞ On being \"productive\" 
QOTD: John Milton on Ignatius 
∞ Origen and Prayer by Rowan Williams 
Capturing Ideas in Your Car and On The Go 
Creating Engaging Presentations with David Sparks 
QOTD: James K.A. Smith on Worldview Approaches 
Richard Hays and the Canonical Matrix of the Gospel of John 
∞ Origen of Alexandria: Exegetical works on Ezekiel. Sermons, scholia, fragments. 
QOTD: Francis Watson on Gaining Canonical Status 
Jonathan Pennington Paper on Human Flourishing (video) 
New Page on the Site: Tech Articles 
QOTD - Kümmel on the Reformation and Tradition 
Latest RBL Reviews Related to NT Studies (2014-07-03) 
∞ Getting Organized with Zotero – Ryan Vasut 
∞ Translation Thoughts from Bryan Bibb 
∞ Keep Your Greek with the Word List Tool and Flashcard App 
QOTD: C.H. Dodd on the Ethical Teachings of Jesus 
Book Review: Interpreting the General Epistles: An Exegetical Handbook (Kregel) 
New: Linked Posts 
∞ Free Book of the Month - July - Logos Bible Software 
∞ Biblical Studies Carnival - June 2014 at the Reading Acts Blog 
∞ Reading Primary Sources 
New Website Design and Expanded Focus 
∞ Listen to the Latest Episode of the Septuagint Sessions 
∞ The Vanishing Jews of Antiquity – By Adele Reinhartz (MRB) 
QOTD - John Webster's Definition of Theological Interpretation 
Send Your Internet Tabs to Evernote with a Simple Keyboard Shortcut 
Logos Free Book of the Month: Spirituality of the Psalms by Walter Brueggemann 
Summer Reading List from the SBTS Library 
C.F.D. Moule on F.F. Bruce 
QOTD - Purpose of the University - James K.A. Smith 
Martyrdom of Polycarp Reading Group 
Free Access to the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception 
Evernote for Academics Summary 
QOTD: Ulrich Luz on Understanding Texts 
In the mail: 1 Peter (EGGNT) 
Reading the Themelios Journal in Logos Bible Software 
Four Gospels One Resurrection: A Greek Reader of the Four Gospel Accounts of the Resurrection 
A Good Friday Greek Reader: John 18-19 
Maundy Thursday - A Reflection from Augustine 
Overview and Conclusion: Runge on Contrastive Substitution and the Greek Verb (part 6 of 6) 
Porter's Claims from Contrastive Substitution: Runge on Contrastive Substitution and the Greek Verb (Part 5 of 6) 
Contrastive Substitution and the Nature of Tense: Runge on Contrastive Substitution and the Greek Verb (part 3 of 6) 
Evernote for Academics: Guest Post - Madison Pierce on Using Evernote for Research and Writing 
Methodology and Background: Runge on Contrastive Substitution and the Greek Verb (part 2 of 6) 
Evernote for Academics: Day 06 - Research Workflows 
Evernote for Academics: Day 05 - School 
Evernote for Academics: Day 04 - Search 
Evernote for Academic: Day 03 - Getting Your Stuff Into Evernote 
Calvin's Interest in Chrysostom 
Mike Licona on How We Got the New Testament 
Evernote Quicktip: Changing Your \"Send To\" Email to Something Memorable 
Evernote for Academics: Day 02 - Tagging vs. Notebooks 
Evernote for Academics: Day 01 - Series Introduction 
Logos Update for iOS 4.1.0 
QOTD: Martin Luther on the Original Languages 
Some Thoughts on the Love Passage in 1 Corinthians 13 
Baseball and Church History 
Create Your Own Actions in Launch Center Pro for Logos on iOS 
Be More Productive on Logos for iOS with Launch Center Pro 
QOTD: Paul in Real Life 
Book Review: Dale Allison - James (ICC Series) 
AT Robertson on the Genitive 
QOTD: A Trinitarian Hermeneutic 
Create a Form to Collect Submissions for the Carnival 
My Response to T. Michael Law's Use of Endnotes in \"When God Spoke Greek\" 
QOTD: Medicinal Doctrine - Kevin Vanhoozer 
United in Christ: Augustine and the Tower of Babel 
Productivity 101 
Book Reviews to Note in the Latest RBL Pertaining to NT Studies 
January 2014 Biblical Studies Carnival XCV 
The Countdown is On…Get Your Links In! 
QOTD: Uniting the Nations by the Humility of Christ - Augusti 
Quick Tip: Copy PDF Pages to a New Document (screencast) 
QOTD: Greek Has No Concern with German or English - AT Robertson 
QOTD: The Adequacy of Language (Silva) 
Richard Bauckham on Wholeness in James 
Book Review: A Reader's Lexicon of the Apostolic Fathers 
Book Notice: The Greek Article by Ronald Peters 
New Collaborative Blog \"Philomythois\" 
How to use BDAG - Rodney Decker 
Get Your Links In! 
David Nienhuis on Not Using Parallel Apostolic Fathers' Writings for the Dating of James 
QOTD: Steve Runge on the Need for Preachers and Teachers to Learn the Original Languages 
In The Mail: A Reader's Lexicon of the Apostolic Fathers 
Brief Book Review: How We Got the New Testament: Text, Transmission, and Translation 
Daily Greek Reading Setup 
Differentiating the Good Seed from the Rest in Matthew 13.38 
Book Review: Origen and Scripture by Peter Martens 
Don't Fall Asleep During the Sermon 
Book Review: Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters 
Rufinus on his Translation of Origen's Commentary on Romans 
Amazon Kindle MatchBook Released Today 
New to the SBLAAR App? 
The Book of James Influence on Alcoholics Anonymous 
Origen, Basil, and Reading Holy Scripture with a Veil 
Logos Navigation Tips 
The Musical Harmony of the Scriptures 
The Role of Prayer in Origen's Exegetical Endeavors 
Calvin on Love to the Unlovely 
Origen Against the Literal Interpretation of the Heterodox 
Origen the Philologist 
Origen and His Rejection of Allegory 
The Spiritual Sense(s) Today 
Imitation, Origen, and Holy Scripture 
Why was Mary betrothed? 
Origen on the Four-Fold Gospel and other gospels 
Book Review: James and Jude (Baker Academic) 
Latin Quick Reference and Study Helps 
School starts again… 
Augustine and the Wisdom of God 
Just for fun: Coffee Calvinism 
Just in for review 
Book Review: Jesus is the Christ by Michael Bird 
NT Greek Resources Apps 50% Off 
Greek Reading List 
Book Review: Early Christian Thinkers edited by Paul Foster (IVP) 
3 Quick Characteristics of Patristic Exegesis 
Theophilus' Reflection on His Conversion 
Marginalia Interview with Peter Martens 
Book Review: James: A Handbook on the Greek New Testament 
Seneca and Stating the Obvious 
Why You Should Study the History of Interpretation 
Review: Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing a Biblical Pattern 
John 2:10 - Drunk freely? Mistranslation? 
Allison and the Adoration of the Magi 
Thoughts on Chrysostom's First Sermon on Matthew 
Accordance 10.2 Update 
Book Review: James: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary by William Varner 
How to Read Logos Books on your Kindle 
Chrysostom and the reason for the four-fold Gospel 
RSS Options after the shutdown of Google Reader 
Early James Traditions 
Jerome on the Catholic Epistles 
A Canonical History of the New Testament Catholic Epistles Collection Pt. 1 
Not by Paul Alone: The Formation of the Catholic Epistle Collection and the Christian Canon 
Check out the SBTS Library 
Parsing Guide for James 
SBTS Didache Reading Group 
Greek Syntax Searching in Accordance 
Academic Workflow: Text Expander 
Update to the Blog 
\"Perfection\" in the Old Testament 
Blogging Through James: James 1:12-15 
Blogging Through James: James 1:9-11 
Steven Runge Discourse Grammar Index 
Blogging Throught James: James 1:5-8 
Blogging through James: James 1:1-4 
Ecclesia and Ethics Conference 
Necessary Ending to the Gospel of Matthew 
Read the Gospel Resurrection Narratives in Greek (with vocab) 
The Resurrection is our Hope 
Read John's Passion Narrative in Greek (with vocab) 
The Struggle of Seminary and the Bible 
\"Your faith has saved you\" in the Gospel of Luke 
Maundy Thursday - A Reflection from St. Augustine 
Is Wisdom Synonymous with the Holy Spirit in James? 
Beale and the Latter-Day Justification 
Interpreting Apocalyptic Symbolism in Matthew 
Augustine on the Ability to Control the Tongue 
The Word of Truth in James and Paul 
An Analysis of Runge's Distinction between ἀλλά and εἰ μή in the Didache 
Venerable Bede's use of Luke in James 1:9-11 
Sanctity of Life in the Didache 
Didache Reading Group and Vocab List 
A Grammatical Note on the Structure of Mark's Prologue 
My Upcoming Semester 
Parallels Between Jonah, Peter, and Cornelius 
A Typological Reading of Jonah in the Gospel of Matthew 
How to use BDAG - Rodney Decker 
A Shepherd and His Greek New Testament 
Cyril of Jerusalem - The Exodus and Salvation 
Sanctified Vision: Christ is the End of the Law and Prophets 
Intertextuality and Lexical Priming 
James 1:26 - Teleios and the Tongue 
Greek Vocabulary for James 
History of Interpretation: Venantius Fortunatus on the Virgin Birth 
ESV Greek-English Diglot Review 
Reading the Church Fathers for the Scholar's Soul and for Equipping the Church 
Markus Bockmuehl and Effective History 
Purpose of the blog 
James 1:4 - so that you may be perfect? 
History of Interpretation: Aquinas on the star guiding the Magi 
David Paul Parris - \"Reading the Bible with Giants\" 
Chris Wright - \"The Mission of God's People\"