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Martyrdom of Polycarp Reading Group

Martyrdom of Polycarp Reading Group


Update: You can find the syllabus of this course here

Last year, the SBTS Library with the leadership and organization of Shawn Wilhite hosted a Greek reading group that read through the Didache. This was a exciting time to both read through Apostolic Fathers primary literature but also to discuss and think through the text with other students.

Thankfully, Shawn put together another reading group that will be going through the Martyrdom of Polycarp. This is a four-week class that will read through this The Martyrdom of Polycarp and an impressive group of scholars to give short lectures on the Martydom of Polycarp and martyrdom in general.

June 3 — Dr. Paul Hartog, “The Martyrdom of Polycarp as Communal Moral Formation”

June 10 — Dr. Jarvis Williams, “Comparison and Contrast of 2 and 4 Maccabees with Ignatius Martyrdom Accounts”

 June 17 — Shawn Wilhite, “The Martyrdom of Polycarp as Imitatio Christi

 June 24 — Dr. Michael Haykin, “Candida Moss’ Reading of The Martyrdom of Polycarp”


If you stop by the library you can pick up a copy of the text that includes footnotes with vocabulary help. I encourage you to sign up. It will be an enriching time of both fellowship with other students and also a great opportunity to learn more about this text.

When: 10:00 – 11:30 am; June 3, 10, 17, 24 (Tuesday)

Where: Lower-Level Floor in the James P. Boyce Centennial Library

 ([email protected])

Course Syllabus

PDF with details of the reading group

Free Access to the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

Free Access to the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

Evernote for Academics Summary

Evernote for Academics Summary

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