Blogs to Check Out in 2015

To start off the new year I thought I would share 5 blogs that you should follow in 2015. These are in no particular order.

German for Neutestamentler - I highlighted this blog the other day but thought I should include it in this list as well. Wayne Coppins' blog is one of the few that I regularly look forward to and read each post. He is committed to trying to bring German and English scholarship together and one of the ways he is trying to do that is through his blog. Most Mondays he provides a English translation of a German work. He not only translates the text but also gives textual notes for his translation process.<em>prodigal</em>son.html

A Chorus of Voices: The Reception History of the Parables - This is the blog of Dr. David Gowler and he is blogging through the book he is writing for the reception history of the parables. He is now in the Reformation era so you should go back and check out his posts from the previous year that focus on early and medieval interpretations of the parables and continue to follow him this year.


Analog Blogs - Ok, I am definitely cheating here but I wanted to group this recommendation under the heading of analog tools. Each of these blogs focuses on pens, paper, and other analog tools. First, The Pen Addict by Brad Dowdy. I've been reading this blog (and listening to his podcast) for over a year now. He has also launched his new company, NockCo, this year. Personally, I love the Hightower to hold 3 pens and a couple Field Notes notebooks. The second, is Ed Jelly's site. He has really ramped up his amazing photography skills along with his excellent pens and paper reviews. The final one that I want to highlight is a new site launched this year by Patrick Rhone called The Cramped. As the subtitle suggests this site focuses on the "unique pleasures of analog writing."

The trio of sites lead by Shawn Blanc. I've been following Shawn now for a couple years and have always really enjoyed his writing. His personal site where he blogs about tech and design related topics and also his weekly podcast. He also heads up two other sites: The Sweet Setup and Tools and Toys. Tools and Toys is one of those sites that you want to read with your wallet in the other room. They are always highlighting some of the best gadgets (coffee, tech, writing, pocket knives, etc) and provide helpful guides. New this year is their photo essays, which are outstanding. The Sweet Setup is your one stop shop for the best recommendations for iOS and Mac apps.


What would a list of recommended blogs be without one focused on coffee?! My final recommendation is The Coffee Compass. This is your one stop shop for all things coffee whether it be coffee gear reviews, coffee shop reviews, and much more. If you like craft coffee you should definitely check this one out.

Also want to give a shoutout to Brian Leport who lead and curated the excellent Near Emmaus blog for the past several years. Even though this blog is no longer active it still has all the great content from many years past that you should check out.

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