Quickly Paste Bible References Using Accordance or Logos Bible Software

Learn how to quickly paste bible reference without leaving your word processor by using services from Accordance and Logos Bible Software

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Researching in Community

Some brief thoughts about doing research in community, getting things done, forming your own workflow.

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Cleaning Up Your Research PDF Workflow

The Highlights app allows you to extract your highlights and notes from a PDF to a text file automatically. This is what I have been looking for in a PDF application for research.

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iOS Workflow: Quickly Search BDAG Entries in Logos using Drafts


Quickly type the lexical value in Drafts to search BDAG in the Logos Bible Software iOS app (video demo)

Apps Needed:

Drafts - $9.99 (Universal)
Logos Bible Software - Free (must have BDAG)


  1. Open Drafts
  2. Switch to Greek keyboard on iOS
  3. Type lexical value (no need for accents)
  4. Click the BDAG action button
  5. Will automatically open the Logos app to the lexical entry in BDAG. Note: I find it works best if you download the BDAG resource to your iPad/iPhone

Download the workflow here

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Evernote for Academics: Day 01 - Series Introduction

What will this series cover?

Here is the tentative outline for the series. If you have any topics that you would like me to cover please leave a comment, tweet me (@renshaw330), or email me ([email protected]). Each section will include both a written post and video tutorial(s).

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Evernote philosophy (tagging vs. notebooks)
  3. Getting your stuff into Evernote
  4. Searching within Evernote
  5. Use as a student
  6. Academic research workflows
  7. Evernote on mobile devices
  8. Misc.

Following my posts I will have some guest posts of current users of Evernote explaining how they make Evernote work for them. 

I am excited for this series. I know many people who like the "idea" of Evernote but don't know where to get started. There are others who "use it"; it but not to its full capabilities. Then there are others of you that are advanced users who could probably teach me a few things! Whatever level you are at I hope that this series will be beneficial for you. 

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