Blogging Woes

You may have noticed that I haven’t wrote anything on this blog or my more tech related one ( for almost a year. Part of this has been due to job changes in the past year and just being generally more busy. But for some reason I’ve felt crippled when trying to write anything. This site began as a biblical studies blog but honestly, my interest in writing blog posts on this topic has been waning for awhile. My other site, Techademic, was a breath of fresh air for writing tech related posts but that too has not been updated in awhile. I feel that I’ve fell into a trap of thinking I need to write something substantative for each site with images, intro/conclusion, covering multiple aspects of a topic and whatnot. What this has done is caused me not to write anything at all even though I have the urge to write on many different items.

My good friend, Brian Davidson, was having the same feels as well. He has just decided to use his site to write on whatever he would like. On his about page he wrote this:

This blog started as a way of collecting and sharing random biblical studies related things that I find interesting. While I still share biblical studies related content, the blog has morphed into a personal site where I also share teaching experiences, thoughts on technology, and anything else I’m excited about.

So I am going to start taking the same approach and just write on whatever I’d like to on here. Some posts will be biblical studies related but the site will be less on a topic and more of me. I hope this helps the paralyzed state I always find myself when glancing at my site and feeling shame for not writing anything anymore. I really do enjoy writing on this site and others but I just need to allow myself the freedom to do whatever is my interests.

Therefore, the goal is just simple, generally short, content of stuff that interests me.


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