Check out @iDannyZacharias New Course on Reading for Information Extraction

There are all different types of reading: elementary, inspectional, and analytical.[1] For students, scholars, and any other person involved in academics reading leans towards information intake. This should involve a different type of reading than say reading the Lord of the Rings novels or articles on the internet. But too often, as I can attest too, reading takes a similar shape in all these venues. Or I go to the other extreme and think that I must intake, process, and note every interesting new thing that I learn from a book.

There are many articles and books on how to read better. Most of us have probably (intentional or not) developed a system of reading that suits us. We may have learned from mentors, friends, or just experience but we all have a system. If you’re like me then you probably feel that your system is flawed and that there has to be a better way.

Well enter the ever helpful Danny Zacharias. I’ve always enjoyed his tips on scholarship on his blog and his ever helpful Greek vocabularly/parsing apps.

He has developed a new and interesting course on improving your information intake when reading. Here are the goals of the course:

  • Find more time for making reading a life-long habit
  • Learn to read faster
  • Learn more from the books you read
  • Set up a system for making information more useful to you later
  • Conquer your reading list!

For this week only it is only $10 (regularly $25). You should definitely check it out. I anticipate this will be a helpful course. I will be taking it soon and will report back on how it went.

  1. Mortimer Adler in How to Read a Book  ↩︎

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