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One of the most valuable things that I have done at seminary is go to some of the workshops at the SBTS Library and to seek guidance from the Research Experts. This short time spent at the library has proven valuable in a couple different ways:

  1. I am able to research better and more efficiently. This is two-fold. My research is better because I now know what the quality resources are and how to use them. This leads directly into the second aspect: efficiency. Instead of spending countless hours walking in the dark when it comes to research I now can turn on the light and go directly to the resources that will help me most.
  2. Knowing the layout of the library. I now know where to find certain resources instead of aimlessly wandering the aisles of the library.
  3. The research experts at the library help provide pointed direction to both general and obscure questions. Instead of helplessly searching Google to find a resource or how to do a specific search I can just ask them.
  4. Introduction to Zotero. If you’re not using Zotero or some other bibliography reference software, well, I just feel bad for you.[1]

With this being said, the library is offering several workshops to help your time at seminary. So if at the end of the semester you are drowning in the peripherals (footnotes, citations, resources, etc) of actually writing the paper that is due in a week you will be editing and reviewing your writing, which will in turn result in a better paper and a higher grade.

Workshops Offered in Fall 2014

  • SBTS Manual of Style - A link to the latest style guide. This has recently had a makeover. It is much easier to read and find what you are looking for. They have also included templates for Microsoft Word,, and Mellel.[2]
  • Lib Guides - Put together by the research experts at the library this provides helpful resources for all areas of theological study (OT Exegesis, NT Greek Exegesis, OT Resources, Commentary Survey, Systematic Theology, etc..)
  • Research Help - Allows you to quickly contact someone in the library to ask a question via a text message or email.

  1. Check out Ryan Vasut’s (assistant librarian) excellent post on getting started with Zotero (Link)  ↩︎

  2. If you are unsure about how to use templates be sure to check out their helpful videos too.  ↩︎

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