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Check out the SBTS Library


When I was writing my previous post on the Didache reading group[1] at the SBTS library I realized that I have been really impressed about what the SBTS Library staff[2] have been doing lately. They provide so many resources that are custom tailored for all students here. I am amazed at how many students do not utilize their resources! Every time I have gone in there with even the most obscure questions the research experts have always been of great help.[3] If they didn’t have an answer they wrote down the issue and contacted me later via email. It is truly impressive. If you are a student at SBTS I highly encourage you to take advantage of the great resources there.[4]

  1. They are definitely worth a follow on twitter, @SBTSLibrary, they are always pointing towards helpful articles, new books, events etc.  ↩

  2. Check out the Didache reading group they are doing this summer  ↩

  3. One day I spent well over an hour with them researching for articles. Great help  ↩

  4. They even do cool events such as live broadcasting the Goodacre and Gathercole discussion about the Gospel of Thomas.  ↩

  5. If you are unsure about how to use templates be sure to check out their helpful videos too.  ↩