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When I was writing my previous post on the Didache reading group[1] at the SBTS library I realized that I have been really impressed about what the SBTS Library staff[2] have been doing lately. They provide so many resources that are custom tailored for all students here. I am amazed at how many students do not utilize their resources! Every time I have gone in there with even the most obscure questions the research experts have always been of great help.[3] If they didn’t have an answer they wrote down the issue and contacted me later via email. It is truly impressive. If you are a student at SBTS I highly encourage you to take advantage of the great resources there.[4]

  • SBTS Manual of Style - This has recently had a makeover. It is much easier to read and find what you are looking for. They have also included templates for Microsoft Word,, and Mellel.[5]
  • Lib Guides - Put together by the research experts at the library this provides helpful resources for all areas of theological study (OT Exegesis, NT Greek Exegesis, OT Resources, Commentary Survey, Systematic Theology, etc..)
  • Workshops - If you haven’t gone to any of the workshops, you should. I have been to a couple and they have been extremely helpful. One that was particularly helpful was a workshop on how to better search the databases the library offers.
  • Reference Services - When you are stuck in your research contact the library via email and they will help you out.

  1. They are definitely worth a follow on twitter, @SBTSLibrary, they are always pointing towards helpful articles, new books, events etc.  ↩︎

  2. Check out the Didache reading group they are doing this summer  ↩︎

  3. One day I spent well over an hour with them researching for articles. Great help  ↩︎

  4. They even do cool events such as live broadcasting the Goodacre and Gathercole discussion about the Gospel of Thomas.  ↩︎

  5. If you are unsure about how to use templates be sure to check out their helpful videos too.  ↩︎

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