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Chris Wright - \"The Mission of God's People\"


Chris Wright’s book The Mission of God’s People” is the one of the best books I have read on the mission of the church. His work is a refreshing oasis in a area of study that is wrought with false dichotomies and primacy in social justice” over evangelism” and vice versa. This book is a holistic approach to the mission of God’s people. His approach is a biblical theology of why the people of God exist and what it is they are to do in the world…what is the mission of God’s people?” and he does this by wading through an ocean of biblical texts pulling from both testaments to present a biblical theology of the purpose of the church. His focus ranges from asking what is the gospel to presenting a case for the place of ecological care in the church. The range of topics is done in a succinct but thorough manner throughout the book. Wright successfully answers the opening question, who are we and what are we here for?

Highlights include:

Overall the church should have a holistic approach to missions. The idea of primacy of evangelism or social justice is not seen in the bible rather both are weaved together. Just as a table needs legs and a top the mission of the church is caring for physicial needs along with spiritual needs.