Counting Steps on the Apple Watch with Pedometer++

Awhile back I recounted hitting 200 days of 10,000 steps. Today I hit 254 days in a row by talking a late night walk to complete my goal. Late night walks and exercise have occurred several times during my current streak. The gamification of counting steps really has caused me to be active throughout the day for awhile now. It’s really become a habit.

The Apple Watch does track steps but as David Smith has noted it is not entirely accurate. Basically it uses a priority device to track steps. If your watch is on then that is the primary device. But what happens you’re carrying groceries or walking the dog? You’re not getting those steps counted because your arm isn’t moving. So David’s app will merge the data to get the most accurate steps.

In short, I love this app. It’s helped me track my steps daily for over a half year now and has a permanent spot on my home screen on my Apple Watch. Also, I love getting the confetti to when hitting 10k steps everyday.

PS I wrote this post on my computer, errr I mean iPhone.

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