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Creating Engaging Videos for Online Learning


Notes from the session Lights, Camera, Action: Engaging Video for Learning at the Emerging Technologies for Online Learning by Tawnya Means and Sarah Bleakney University of Florida.

Creating engaging videos for online learning takes much preperation from both faculty and instructional designers. Faculty must develop their course in chunks with shorter videos (not less content!). By developing shorter, engaging, and a variety of videos students are able to become more engaged in the course content. This also allows faculty to quickly and easily substitute out videos for more up-to-date and relevant content.

Why Use Video?

1. Preperation

A conversational style vieo increases engagement

2. Content


Length of Videos


Use a variety of recording methods to capture content such as voice overs, screencasts, on camera, and more.

3. Student Activity

Provide Alternatives

  1. Activity otions
  2. Clear instructions

Benefits for alternatives:

Feedback From Students