Eliminating Distractions and Boosting Focus with Noizio

Whenever I am trying to concentrate, music in the background is generally distracting, especially if it is not techno, classical or other non-verbal music. But even this instrumental music is often distracting for some reason. For several years now I’ve ended up listening to thunderstorms in the background. This serves as a way to help minimize distracting noises around me but not be fully immersed in musical instruments or lyrics. Over the years I’ve tried different apps and methods for this but for awhile now I’ve stuck with an app called Noizio .

[caption id=“” align=“alignnone” width=“1242.0”]![Coffee Shop Mix: This is just the first screen of sounds. If you scroll down there are several more. _images/fa308-d12cf8aa-c211-42d6-b116-848646ab2742.jpg) Coffee Shop Mix: This is just the first screen of sounds. If you scroll down there are several more. [/caption]

Noizio plays several different sounds such as rain, thunderstorm, coffee house, wind, waves, river stream, farm animals and several more. You can mix and match the sounds together and also choose how loud you want each individual sound to be. After figuring out your preferences then you can save it and create another one.

Personally, I use two different mixes. One in a quiet atmosphere and another for a louder atmosphere such as a coffee shop. One of the major differences between my two mixes is the presence of the ambient coffee house noise. In a silent location the coffee house noise is actually quite helpful for me but in an actual coffee shop the real background noise coupled with the artificial noise just becomes way too much. Either way, I like to be able to save different mixes for different atmospheres.

After using this app consistently for many months I’ve found that it helps me get into a state of deep focus quicker because my brain now knows that when these noises are going on then it is time to focus and write or research. So not only does it block out the noise but it also helps me get into the writing flow even quicker than without out it.

So if you are looking for an app to help you stay focus and block out distractions around you then I highly recommend the app Noizio. It is available on both iOS and MacOS

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May 25, 2017