Helpful Resources for the Beginner Photographer

I recently purchased a Fuji XT-20 after deciding to take my photography a bit further than using my iPhone. Getting a real” camera seemed a little daunting (after beginning to recognize how much automatic processing phones do) so I set out to research how to do better photography. Below are a list of resources that have helped me. Some are more technical while others are just about photography in general. These are listed in no particular order:

YouTube Channels

There are hundreds of photography channels and they are not all created equal. Here are my favorites:

  • Omar Gonzalez Photography: while his professional career mostly focuses on Mitzvahs and other events his channel is immensely useful. He is engaging while explaining many concepts for beginners. Additionally, he has a really helpful walk through of Fuji XT-20 tutorials.
  • Denae & Andrew: based out of Utah, this couple has really helpful videos. They also do Photo Challenges, which are fun to watch and helpful to see different ways to photograph. Some of my favorites are Bokeh is Overrated, Which Fuji Prime Lens Should You Buy (this is helpful for learning about lenses in general), and 9 Less Obvious Photography Tips for Better Family Travel
  • The Art of Photography: Ted Forbes is immensely helpful for learning all things photography. He is a teacher at heart and I find all his videos engaging, informative, and I always learn a lot.
  • Reggie Ballesteros: A wedding photographer based in the San Francisco area, he mostly focuses on wedding photography but you can learn a lot about lighting, settings, and more with his channel. I don’t really plan on ever doing some wedding photography but I’ve enjoyed this channel a lot.
  • Evan Ranft: Based out of Atlanta, Evan Ranft is a product and street photographer. I enjoy his perspective and his videos are fun to watch.


  • Fujilove: One of the things that drew me to a Fuji cameras is the community around them. This website (and magazine) is one of the most helpful resources for learning photography and getting into the Fuji community.


  • The FujiCast: Photography Podcast: While both hosts are documentary wedding photographers that use Fuji gear, the conversations, questions, and banter is worth a listen once a week.
  • The Moe and O Photo Show: One of the hosts is Omar Gonzalez (see YouTube above) and Moe. They have great chemistry and I also pick up something from the show.
  • Master Photography: The information is helpful but I am not a huge fan on the conversation as a podcast. I still listen though because I usually learn something new.

If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.

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