In the Mail from @ivpacademic

IVP kindly sent me two books for review.


First, the newly discovered commentary on Acts by J.B. Lightfoot is the first of a three volume set to be published by IVP. Ben Witherington found many handwritten pages of the commentary at Durham Cathedral Library and enlisted Todd D. Still to assist with the project. This is an exciting new (and old) publication that I look forward to examining.



The second book that came in unexpectadly is Kenneth Bailey’s The Good Shepherd: A Thousand-Year Journey from Psalm 23 to the New Testament. Bailey examines the Good Shepherd motif beginning in Psalm 23 and continuing through the Prophets, Gospels, and 1 Peter. Bailey is able to examine this motif uniquely because of his research and teaching in the Middle East. He says,

For nearly fifty years, Middle Eastern shepherds with their flocks were a part of the larger context in which I grew up and then lived and taught the New Testament…It was my privilege to have laymen and clergy in three countries as my students who had herded sheep for extended periods in the Eastern Mediterraneans.”

I look forward to Bailey’s unique perspective in examining the theme of the Good Shepherd in the Bible.

Thanks IVP for these review copies!

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