Latin Quick Reference and Study Helps

In our Latin class with Dr. Haykin we are using John Collins’ A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin. Personally, I haven’t been to fond of the layout of the book. Pedagogically I find it difficult to use, especially when trying to memorize paradigms. So in my preperation for Latin II this Fall I created my own set of study helps for Units 1-17 in his book. I hope you may find this helpful if you are learning Latin. I included both a completed PDF and a blank PDF to help with studying.  Throughout this semester I will continue to add paradigms and other study aids and will update the PDF as I go along and hopefully at the end of the semester it will be a useful quick reference and study tool for those learning Latin. If you have any suggestions or corrections please email me at  or comment below. 

Here are the contents of the PDF: 

  • All 5 noun declensions
  • All forms of sum  (to be)
  • All indicative verb charts for each of the 4 conjugations (the 3rd conjugation has 2 separate charts) 
  • Relative pronoun paradigm
  • Auxillary verb possum paradigm
  • List of prepositions and other small words that are often times difficult to memorize. 

You can download the filled in PDF here  and the blank PDF here

I also have vocabulary flashcards in Quizlet, which integrates with mobile devices for studying on the go. These are a work in progress but can be accessed here.

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