Leadership Thought - Why We Need to Value Input from the Entire Team

I recently read this quote from biologist Roger Payne in James Clear’s 3-2-1 Thursday newsletter:

Any observant local knows more than any visiting scientist. Always. No exceptions.

I immediately thought of some leadership lessons that I imperfectly try to implement in my own life.

The simple fact is that those in the weeds of an operation are far more aware of potential issues, room for improvement, and the viability of new ideas. As a leader, I must seek their input and value what they say.

One of the goals of leadership is to provide a vision, set expectations, and move the team to continual improvements. This process is a give-and-take. If I, as a leader, do not gain feedback and insight from those in the day-to-day, I will likely not know the team’s needs and do things that hurt morale, are not feasible in implementation, and cause other issues.

While each decision may not be what those individuals would choose, being aware of what is happening is crucial.

I’m not perfect in this process, but I know I need to do this. The team members on the ground are always aware of what is happening more than me.

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