New Collaborative Blog \"Philomythois\"

Philomythois is a new blog hub” that hosts a variety of contributors with various interests (philosophy, pyschology, gender studies, theology etc.). The discription of the blog is as follows:

Philomythois means by lovers of story.’ What draws us together as writers is this shared love. The posts on this blog are made in the hope that, though our own individual stories and the many stories we love are relatively small and often broken, they may be hallowed, renewed, and woven into the divine and sacred Myth that became History in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are thus a community of brothers-in-Christ committed to the bond of friendship and the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of God. Our goal is to spread the joy of seeing the story of God in the stories of our shared heritage and culture.

It is an exciting new endeavor where some of us can keep our own blog but also cross-post certain entries each week that fit with the ethos of the blog. I have just joined them and hope to contribute integrating our story today with the stories of the early Christians.

There have been several excellent posts so far such as:

Check it Out!

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