NT Greek Resources Apps 50% Off

NT Greek Resources is having a 50% off sale on the following apps (click each one for the iTunes link). Check out Brian LePort’s review of these apps (FlashGreek, ParseGreek, and iGreek). Instead of rehashing these excellent reviews I will just say I wholeheartedly agree with his recommendation. I have been using these apps for awhile now and they have been invaluable. The parsing app is especially helpful for parsing on the go and iGreek is useful for a quick reference.

  • FlashGreek Pro - $4.99 (regularly $9.99)

    • One of the great features of this app is that it includes vocabulary lists for the following grammars:

      • William Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek (2009)
      • N. Clayton Croy, Biblical Greek Primer (1999)
      • James Hewett, New Testament Greek (2009)
      • David Alan Black, Learn to Read New Testament Greek (2009)
      • Gerald Stevens, New Testament Greek Primer (2010)
      • Jeremy Duff, Elements of New Testament Greek (2005)
      • S. M. Baugh, A New Testament Greek Primer (2009)
      • Danny Zacharias, New Testament Greek Stripped Down (forthcoming)
      • Stanley Porter, Fundamentals of New Testament Greek (2010) [*not all Porter vocabulary have the multimedia elements)
  • ParseGreek - $4.99 (regularly $9.99)

    • This integrates with the same textbooks as above
  • iGreek - $1.99 (regularly $3.99)

    • This app includes paradigms for the following:

      • Greek Basics

      • Nouns

        • Declension paradigms and common case functions
      • Articles, Adjectives, Pronouns, Numerals

        • paradigms and usage
      • Indicative Verbs

        • Indicative formation chart, paradigms
      • Non-Indicative Verbs

        • Participle formation and full λύω paradigm
        • Infinitive formation and full λύω  paradigm
        • Subjunctive formation and full λύω  paradigm
        • Imperative formation and endings (with full λύω paradigm)
        • Optative formation and full λύω paradigm
      • Other Stuff

        • Understanding phrases and clauses
        • Prepositions spatial chart and meanings
        • Understanding equative (i.e. copulative) verbs
      • Grammatical Functions (advanced)

        • Case, mood, voice, tense, article, and conjunction functions
        • Conditional sentences
      • Vocabulary

        • A brief glossary of every word in the NT
        • A list of common verb principal parts and a massive list of 835 principal parts

These are all highly recommended to any Koine Greek student

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August 9, 2013