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OLC 2015 Session Notes: Teaching With Your Hands Tied


I am currently attending (and presenting) at the International Online Learning Consortium Conference in Orlando. After each session I attend I plan on sharing some of my notes that I find helpful from each session. If you would like to leave feedback or share other helpful tips for online learning contact me on Twitter @renshaw330

Many people seeking to teach online will find themselves in an environment where the content, schedule, and delivery of the course is standardized. There is little to no opportunity to modify anything in the course. This can often times be difficult for the teacher of the course because they may feel as if they are just a glorified grader. If you are in this type of situation how can be more than a glorified grader for the course.

The first session I went to was titled, Teaching with Your Hands Tied”, which addresses this very issue. Here is a link to the PPT presentation and below is some of my expanded notes from the session. I would say in summary what differentiates you from a mere grader is your interaction with your students. Interaction is one of the most important aspects of an online course. Students need to know that they are not just a mere number on the screen that is just progressing through a course. They need to know that there is someone on the other side of the computer screen that cares for them and wants to engage with them.

Teaching With Your Hands Tied Session Notes

Presenters: Aaron Traphagen and Brad Burgess from Liberty University

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