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2019/1/15 iOS Screen Recording and Sharing on YouTube

2019/1/14 Shortcut Monday: Getting a List Dates in the Future

2019/1/10 Podcast Episode Recommendation: Focused 64: The Power of Habits

2019/1/9 Siri Shortcut: Send Discourse Forum Posts to OmniFocus

2019/1/8 iOS Tip - Quickly Share Screenshots

2019/1/8 Brydge Keyboard Pre-Orders for the New iPad Pro are Open

2019/1/7 Shortcut Monday: Using Drafts and Siri Shortcuts to Send an Email

2019/1/7 Date and Time Formatting in Siri Shortcuts

2019/1/4 Quotes: Clarity in Leadership and Your Message

2018/12/24 Shortcut Monday: Text Multiple People at Once

2018/12/21 Study and Focus Music: Chris Potter Playlist

2018/12/20 Scheduled Shortcuts and Location Triggers

2018/12/19 Quickly Go Back to the Home Screen in OmniFocus For iOS

2018/12/18 My Favorite Photo Editing App: Darkroom (now on iPad)

2018/12/17 Shortcut Monday: Dictate a Daily Reflection to Day One

2018/11/12 Recommended Coffee Shops in Denver

2018/11/8 Initial Thoughts on the New 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil 2.0, and Smart Keyboard Folio

2018/6/16 Built in Thesaurus Coming in iOS 12

2018/4/19 Help Fund Our Adoption by Donating to Our $5,000 Matching Grant

2018/4/18 Highly Focused People

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