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2018/6/16 Built in Thesaurus Coming in iOS 12

2018/4/19 Help Fund Our Adoption by Donating to Our $5,000 Matching Grant

2018/4/18 Highly Focused People

2018/4/16 iOS Tip: Open Safari Link in a New Tab with Two Finger Tap

2018/4/16 10 Ways Canvas Makes Your Life Easier

2018/4/14 The Environment

2018/4/14 ∞ Character Matters

2018/4/12 What Lies are You Believing that Are Stopping You From Making Lasting Change in Your Life?

2018/2/26 Grit and Deliberate Practice When Learning Greek (or any other language)

2018/2/10 Greek Flashcards for Terms Occurring 10-50x

2018/2/6 Switching from Squarespace to Wordpress

2018/1/17 People Value Clarity Over Accessibility

2017/11/20 Keeping Twitter a Happy Place

2017/11/16 Cellular iPad

2017/11/14 Don't Let Email Control You

2017/11/13 10 Thoughts on iPhone X

2017/7/5 Review of the Lofree Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

2017/7/2 ∞ Read the right book today then it could change your life forever

2017/7/1 Counting Steps on the Apple Watch with Pedometer++

2017/6/29 Forget the iPad. The iPhone as a “Laptop Replacement”

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