Purpose of the blog

I probably should have written this for my first post on the new blog but it is better late than never. There is no end in sight for the writing of books and it seems that theological blogging is going down the same path. So what do I hope to add in the blogosphere? Below are my goals and interests for my blog.

Three goals of the blog:

  1. To help with my own understand of theological matters. Writing is one of the best means in articulating ones own thoughts. By putting my thoughts in the public sphere it forces me to think through matters in a more complete manner.
  2. Facilitate discussion among other students, scholars, and pastors. I hope that this blog will allow others to add to the conversation between various theological matters.
  3. Have a diary of my thoughts. Along with the above two reasons I can track my thinking through different ideas for my own personal use.

My main theological interests include but not limited to:

  1. New Testament exegesis (particularly the Gospels)
  2. Intertextuality of the New Testament authors
  3. Various aspects of the history of interpretation of the Bible
  4. Patristic hermeneutics
  5. Early Christianity
  6. Theological Interpretation of Scripture (TIS)
  7. Greek grammar and exegesis

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December 9, 2012