QOTD: Gregory of Nazianzus on the Evangelist's Audiences

Ματθαῖος μὲν ἔγραψεν Ἑβραίοις θαύματα Χριστοῦ·
Μάρκος δ’ Ἰταλίῃ,
Λουκᾶς Ἀχαϊάδι·
Πᾶσι δ’ Ἰωάννης, κήρυξ μέγας, οὐρανοφοίτης.

Matthew wrote the marvels of Christ for the Hebrews
Mark for Italy
Luke for Achaia
But John, the great herald, the heaven-wanderer, wrote for all

Gregory of Nazianzus Carmina dogmatica 1.12.6–9[1]

  1. Quoted in Mitchell, Margaret. Patristic Counter-Evidence to the Claim That The Gospels Were Written for All Christians.’” New Testament Studies 51, no. 01 (January 2005): 36–79.  ↩︎

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