QOTD: James K.A. Smith on Worldview Approaches

James K.A. Smith on worldview:

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The argument is not that worldview approaches and intellectual reflection are wrong but only that they are inadequate, and this inadequacy stems from the stunted anthropology they assume. Such a picture of education is insufficiently radical because it doesn’t get to the root of our identity. By fixating on the intellectual aspect, such a model of the person — and its corresponding picture of education — undervalues and underestimates the importance of the affective; by focusing on what we think and believe, such a model misses the centrality and primacy of what we love; by focusing on education as the dissemination of information, we have missed the ways in which Christian education is really a project of formation. In other words, at the heart of the argument is an antireductionism and affirmation of a more holistic understanding of human persons and Christian education (and Christian formation more broadly).” 

James K.A. Smith, Imagining the Kingdom, p. 7

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