QOTD: Nonnus of Nisibis on John 6:58

Nonnus of Nisibis commenting on John 6:58:

For just as the food was the cause of the death of the original man, likewise food became for us the cause of eternal life. And just as the food, although it became the cause of death, did not kill us for the reason that it was fatal by nature, but because Adam ate it believing in Satan’s promises—in the same way this food grants eternal life, not by possessing naturally the power of immortality, but through faith in the Savior’s promises and hope in his words. In this way through the opposites he destorys our opposites, making life spring up in us who worthily communicate in the vivifying body and blood of the Son of God.

Nonnus of Nisibis. Commentary on the Gospel of Saint John. Translated by Robert W Thomson. Writings from the Islamic World 1. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2014, 146–147.

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