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Reflections from Good Boss, Bad Boss


I recently finished Good Boss Bad Boss by Robert Sutton . In short, Sutton survey’s managers of hundreds of companies and seeks to determine what makes a good boss vs. a bad boss. One of the key takeaways for people who manager others is to have the self-awareness of how what you say and what you do effects others. People under you look up to you for guidance, leadership, company direction, safety in their position, protection from others in the company, and more. Too often those who manage people lose sight of this. If you manage people, whether it be as a pastor, manager, or even in a volunteer position this book is worth reading. Throughout, it sparked several areas of reflection for my own position in leading and managing a team. One of the key takeaways was that often managers and leaders have a higher view of themselves than the people under them do. Being able to properly assess yourself is key because we often think that we are leading well and people have a high view of us but in too many scenarios this is not true. Leading well and managing people involves self-reflection and proper assessment of how your actions and words effect others around you. This is amplified when those around you are people you manage.

Note: there is some crude language throughout the book but despite this caveat I highly recommend it if you are in a position over others

Instead of a full review of the book I’ve catalogued several quotes from the book: