Review of the Logitech \"Slim\" Combo for 10.5\" iPad Pro

This review will be about as long as it took to test out the Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard for the new 10.5″ iPad Pro. Quite frankly, this keyboard/case combo is just awful. Previously, I had the 9.7″ iPad Pro with the Logitech CREATE. I much preferred this keyboard to Apple’s Smart Keyboard for a number of reasons such as the keyboard itself, the shell protection, and an Apple Pencil holder. So, naturally, I wanted to try out Logitech’s new keyboard for the recently released iPad’s. Looking at their site it looked like they made some great improvements including allowing the back to couple as a stand for FaceTime calls or other just general viewing.

But then I tested this slim” keyboard case…


Almost immediately I was put off by the bulky size. It has a roundish bulge on the back case. There is a reason why the iPads are now flat and don’t have the protruding bulge in the middle of the back of the iPad. Aesthetically, it hurts the eyes. Functionally, it feels extremely bulky. There is nothing slim about this keyboard case. It feels as if I stepped back to 2008 and grabbing my HP laptop for class in college. Regardless of the dimensions, the feel of the case is just a bulky mess. But this was only the beginning.

I was originally excited that I could pop the back off from the keyboard and hold the device in my hand. Well, this isn’t satisfactory either. For one, the case just feels heavy and bulky (remember, this is just the back). Second, the edge of the iPad snaps deep into the case so there are some awkward ways of holding the iPad. Third, did I mention the weight and bulkiness of it? Strike 2, I wasn’t feeling good about this purchase.

I then set the iPad up in the keyboard portion as well. The first thing I noticed was that I had to reach around the back to pull out the stand portion to stand it up. Seriously? I have to do this every single time I want to use my iPad with the keyboard, which is 75% of the time. No thank you. Previously, I would just open up the case and I was good to go. Additionally, they added this nasty 2+ inch blank space on the keyboard in front, which extends the iPad away from your hands by quite a bit. I’m not sure on the actual dimensions but the feeling was that the iPad was sitting far away from me and I was going to pull my shoulder out of its socket just reaching to touch the iPad.

Well, that was enough for me. I promptly gave up and never trying this again. I ended up going with the Apple Smart Keyboard + Apple Leather Sleeve.

I guess I could add some positives of the keyboard but with the above complaints I can’t in my right mind recommend this keyboard case.

  1. Holds your Apple Pencil. But in reality they screwed this up too. The Apple Pencil is on the outside of the case just waiting to get caught on anything in your bag. With the size and bulk of the slim case you’d think there was plenty of room (like the 9.7″!) for a holder inside.
  2. Shortcut keys for different functionality in iOS. I love having the volume control, brightness, and other shortcuts on the keyboard. Sadly, the Apple Smart Keyboard doesn’t have this.
  3. Better keyboard. The keyboard itself, in my opinion, is better feeling than Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

Well, that’s it. I’m not sure why Logitech would release this keyboard case combo. Sometimes I am disappointed when trying out a new device or accessory and it doesn’t work out but rarely do I get extremely frustrated. I am still baffled that this was released and touted as a slim keyboard. They say don’t fix what ain’t broke. Well, the previous keyboard was better than average. It wasn’t broke so it shouldn’t have been fixed. This one is broke; I wouldn’t be surprised for it to be pulled for a new design later this year.

Brian Davidson was finally right.

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