RSS Options after the shutdown of Google Reader

With the shut down of Google Reader happening on July 1 many of you are going to need to find a new service to follow blogs (either via RSS, Twitter, Email). I have done quite a bit of research in trying out new RSS systems and thought I would throw out my two cents.

I landed on Feed Wrangler. It has most of the same bells and whistles as Google Reader but the main reason I chose Feed Wrangler is the ability to create Smart Streams.” This allows you to create feeds (from your subscribed feeds) based on key words. For example, I have a stream that just shows blogs that focus on original languages. This searches all the blogs that I follow and if one of them mentions greek” or hebrew” then it gets sorted into this Smart Stream.” There are also a couple blogs that I follow that solely focus on original languages all their feeds are included as well.

The cost is 19 $/yr but I think it is well worth it to support the developer and give them incentive to continue to create and maintain a great product.

If you are looking for apps to reader RSS feed with I suggest the following:

Check out this more in depth review of Feed Wrangler.

Here is a helpful review of all the RSS options out on the market now. I highly suggest this article if you are still on the fence about what RSS option to choose.

Be sure to export your Google Reader subscriptions before July 1!

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