School starts again…

The new semester is upon us. I will be beginning my third year at Southern. I have 3 semesters left and after graduation I plan on pursuing a Phd. Here are the classes I will be taking this semester.

  1. God and the Philosophers (Philosophical Theology) with Dr. Ted Cabal. We will be covering a variety of topics pertaining to the doctrine of God and diving into the history of philosophical thought on each one. There is only one required text: Our Idea of God: An Introduction to Philosphical Theology by Thomas V. Morris
  2. Church History I with Dr. Michael Haykin. Dr. Haykin has become one of my favorite lecturers. He presents history in a way that is both edifying and informative. Required text books are: History of Christianity edited by Tim Dowley and Rediscovering the Church Fathers. We are also required to read many primary sources each week.
  3. Latin II with Dr. Michael Haykin. This is the second semester of Latin. We will continue using John Collin’s A Primer to Ecclesiastical Latin. We will also have readings from the Latin Vulgate and Sidwell’s Reading Medieval Latin
  4. Hebrew I with Dr. Peter Gentry. I am looking forward to finally beginning to learn Hebrew. It is increasingly frustrating to not be able to use many academic sources because of my lack of Hebrew. It will be a tough class but it will be great to learn from one of the best. We will be using Allen Ross’ Introducing Biblical Hebrew

I am really looking forward to this set of classes. I have seen the increasing need in my studies for philosophy. It is disappointing to see what was once a foundational discipline in Christian studies is slowly being pushed out for different studies. It will be a difficult semester with learning two different languages, which will require diligent and consistent study (and less blogging!) but I am up to the challenge.

Good luck to everyone else out there who is starting school up once again!

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