Switching from Squarespace to Wordpress

Today I made the switch from Squarespace to Wordpress as my blogging platform of choice. I’ve been on Squarespace since I started my blog back in 2012. One of the advantages of Squarespace was being able to completely customize your website, which Wordpress didn’t allow nearly as well, especially if you were on a basic plan. Additionally, at that time I wrote mostly on my laptop and had really no problems getting my posts up on the platform.

But its 2018 now and I work primarily on my iPad and Squarespace has really fallen behind in this category. Their iOS app leaves much to wanting and additionally there is no way to post directly from an app like Ulysses (my writing app of choice). Sure, I can copy and paste my text to the app and finally get it posted but that sheer amount of tension in my workflow has caused me not to write as much as I want. Yes, this is a terrible excuse but always in the back of my mind I knew I had to take the time to post and this barrier proved to be too great for me. I want a platform where I can write in Ulysses, click post, and I am done. Wordpress is the answer for me.

I’ve had this setup for four months now but couldn’t get myself to make the switch due to broken links but thanks to Brian Davidson for forcing me to finally make the switch. So, some of my links may be broken, and that’s ok. My postings are primarily to share my thoughts on certain issues and not build some type of high traffic platform. I will fix those in due time but at this point I want to focus on writing and not worry about anything else.

So hopefully this will help my output. Anything I want to write on I can do so quickly and efficiently.

Thanks for reading…

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