Taking Better Photos on Your iPhone

Apple recently released several short videos (30 seconds each) showing you how to take better photos with your iPhone. They are pretty basic but definitely worth checking out. For example, the how to take an action shot tutorial simply suggests to use the burst mode when capturing an action shot then shows you how to choose the best one. Additionally, they give suggestions for different types of photos such as how to take a photo with street light or how to photograph a backlit subject . Just a little knowledge for different situations can greatly improve your photography on your iPhone.

Here is the complete list:

  1. How to shoot a great portrait ( link )
  2. How to shoot a close-up ( link )
  3. How to shoot a vertical pano ( link )
  4. How to shoot without a flash ( link )
  5. How to shoot action ( link )
  6. How to shoot a selfie with the timer ( link )
  7. How to covert to black & white ( link )
  8. How to capture a unique angle ( link )
  9. How to shoot with zoom ( link )
  10. How to shoot a horizon ( link )
  11. How to shoot stills while filming ( link )
  12. How to shoot with street light ( link )
  13. How to shoot a bold and simple image ( link )
  14. How to shoot during golden hour ( link )
  15. How to shoot a one-handed selfie ( link )
  16. How to edit-selfie a selfie ( link )
  17. How to shoot a sunset silhouette ( link )
  18. How to capture an intimate moment ( link )
  19. How to shoot a group portrait ( link )
  20. How to shoot a backlit subject ( link )

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