Thanks for Reading and Happy New Year

Thanks to everyone who read my blog over the past year. This was really my first year blogging consistently and I hope to do more of the same in 2015.

2014 was a big year academically and professionally. I graduated with my Masters and was accepted in the Phd program at Southern and will be studying under Dr. Jonathan Pennington starting at the end of January. No, I do not have a dissertation topic yet but I know that it will be some topic within Gospel studies.

Professionally, I began doing instructional design work in the online learning department at the seminary. I begin full-time as an instructional designer January 1. Online learning is one of those things that many people (especially in biblical and theological studies) have negative opinions about. It will be part (not all!) of the educational future of many ministers, teachings, and other Christian leaders. Online learning is not something that is naturally done well. It takes much thought and planning as well as a different model for teaching and education against tradition on-campus education. I hope to be a part of the generation that learns to do this well and embrace the future of online learning. Yes, I still believe in face-to-face” education and hope develop skills in that as well but also want to embrace and be a positive and helpful voice for online learning. 

Well, thanks again for reading my ramblings over the past year. I’ll end the year with one of my favorite quotes from Augustine in On Christian Doctrine:

So anyone who thinks that he has understood the divine scriptures or any part of them, but cannot by his understanding build up this double love of God and neighbour, has not yet succeeded in understanding them.” (1.36.40)

Happy New Year!

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