The Resurrection is our Hope

Tonight my wife and I were reading and reflecting on the necessity of the resurrection. Whenever I meditate on this great fact I am always amazed that the hope the believer rests in, namely being resurrected with Christ in the last day, is anchored in the resurrection of Christ (see 1 Cor. 15). As we rejoice in the historical fact that Christ was raised from death to life tomorrow let us also rejoice that we will be raised from death to life, from perishable bodies to imperishable, from the natural to the spiritual, and from a dying to a flourishing body because of the resurrection of Christ. Ignatius has some inspiring parting words on the reflection of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ:

I want to forewarn you not to get snagged on the hooks and worthless opinions but instead to be fully convinced about the birth and the suffering and the resurrection that took place during the time of the governorship of Pontius Pilate. These things were truly and most assuredly done by Jesus Christ, our hope, from which may none of you ever be turned aside.”

— Ignatius to the Magnesians 11

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