Update to the Blog


I finally think I found a template that I will presumably keep for the blog. The new template allows for readers to add comments easily and also shows the date of the post. I have also made some other handy updates that I think you all will find helpful.

  • From here on out all Greek fonts will be GentiumALT and Hebrew fonts will be SBL Hebrew.
  • I have added Reftagger so when you hover over a cited scripture passage it will show the ESV translation for you (like this - Matt 11:28–30).
  • Hovering over a footnote link will produce a popup of the footnote text[1]. Thanks to Sidney O’Neill for the assistance with this.
  • If you use Instapaper for a read later service (highly recommended) I have embedded a link to easily add to your Instapaper account (see above). If you do not have an Instapaper account it will ask if you would like to create one.
  • You can still subscribe via RSS or Email (I use MailChimp for the email service. It is free and you can customize the emails that are sent out.)
  • The font used is FF Tisa Web Pro, which I think is easy to read on all types of digital devices

Also, I use Squarespace for this site. I highly recommend it. It is a decent price, highly customizable, and wonderful customer service.

Thanks for reading the blog!

  1. like this!  ↩︎

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