Using Feedbin to Receive Newsletters in My RSS Reader

I enjoy getting newsletters from various companies and websites in order to keep up with what is going on with specific apps or products. Sometimes these websites have a blog but oftentimes they send out more updates via a weekly or monthly newsletter. Over time I found that these would often get lost in my email so I created a folder in Gmail to track these emails but inevitably I would not see them because email for me is primarily a work communication tool so I would get lost in the other things on my plate and never actually read the newsletters.

Another use for newsletters is to have a one stop shop for websites that post a bunch of articles daily or throughout the week. One such site is InsideHigherEd. I find valuable information but subscribing to their RSS feed would just flood my feedreader and I would find that I never read the articles anyways.

Feedbin has helped change that. This service is similar to the normal RSS syncing service such as Feedly or the old Google Reader (R.I.P). One difference is that you can create a custom email that allows you to receive newsletters and communication through their RSS syncing service. Now, when I sign up for a newsletter I input by Feedbin email address and the newsletter shows up right in my RSS reader for easy viewing. I find this a much more manageable way to keep up with newsletters that I enjoy without clogging up my email.

FYI: My RSS reader of choice is Fiery Feeds by Lukas Burgstaller

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