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Vocabulary Helps (Greek, Latin, and Hebrew)


Over the years I have compiled a number of vocabulary cards on Quizlet. I am currently trying to memorize all Greek words in the GNT down to 10x. I was thankful to realize that I had already made vocabulary cards using Trenchard’s The Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament. I thought I would highlight some of the sets I have created and some other useful apps to assist in vocabulary memorization. Personally, I use Quizlet to create the flashcards and then sync it with Flashcards Deluxe, which I have found to be the best flashcard app out there.

My Quizlet Sets


Danny Zacharias has created a wonderful app (and others!) for memorizing vocabulary called FlashGreek

Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards

This nice little app covers a number of grammars such as 


Logos Bible Software

Cliff Kvidahl highlights how you can use an app from Logos Bible Software to create vocabulary cards.