∞ Kickstarter: The Panobook from Studio Neat

I’ve bought a couple items from Studio Neat, including the recent Glif. They always put out a good product and are worthy of backing on Kickstarter. In their latest offering they have seemingly succeeded in marketing a notebook gone sideways. Its actually a clever idea and one that I will probably use quite often for taking notes at my desk. I’ve backed it and so should you.

Here is Panobook, in a nutshell:

  • The unique panoramic format (160 mm x 288 mm) is designed to sit nicely on your desk, either in front of, behind, to next to you keyboard.
  • Each page contains a subtle dot grid, with guide markers to help with layout.
  • We really sweated the details. All of the materials have a premium feel and are very nice.
  • Panobooks are designed to be kept. Put it in the included slip case, annotate it if you want, and line a bunch up on the shelf.

Image from their Kickstarter page

Back the project on Kickstarter

Additionally here is a podcast episode with the guys from Studio Neat discussing the Panobook