Jeremy Begbie, The Trinity, and Music

"There is a very big difference in the way we see the world and the way we hear the world. When we see the world we can’t have two objects in space at the same time and see them as different…in the way we hear that is not the case…notes in music fills the whole of what we hear. If we add another note then both notes fill the same space but hear them as two notes. They can be inside each other but stay distinct."

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QOTD: A Trinitarian Hermeneutic


"As our teacher, God must give us the eyes to apprehend the truth. This problem is addressed byway of a Trinitarian hermeneutic, one in which the knowledge of God arises from the initiative of the Spirit, who opens our eyes through Scripture to Jesus Christ, the Word of the Father. In this vision, scriptural interpretation is part of a process of growing ever deeper into the knowledge of God as we receive the word and fellowship of the living Christ by the Spirit's power…Just as water is taken up into the divine work of baptism, and bread and wine are taken up in the divine work of the Lord's Supper, so also the creaturely words of Scripture are taken up into the triune God's work of salvation."

- J. Todd Billing in The Word of God for the People of God