∞ What's Your Favorite Font

Kris over at Old School Script has a short little post about his new favorite font, Corbel.

A new favorite of mine is Corbel. I love it. It’s funny to try and find the words to describe why. It’s not everyday you try to describe a font. Spacy. Transparent. All I need and nothing more. Simple. Inviting. Not cluttered, not squished. Just right. No showy serifs, just the right amount of curves to make out the letter with a little splash.

I tend to obsess over fonts to the point it can be distracting from actually getting anything accomplished! Personally, I prefer different fonts for different activities. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Writing - I pretty much do all my writing in Markdown or LaTex then export to HTML or PDF’s from there. I prefer the monospace font Monaco for this.
  • Reading print - Adobe Horley Old Style
  • Reading on iPhone/iPad in Instapaper - FF Tisa
  • General documents/papers - Cambria, Hoefler Text, and Adobe Caslon Pro
  • Email - currently I use Avenir Next
  • Blog - Proxima Nova

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