Introducing Techademic

A project I have been wanting to do for while is to create a separate site focused on technology, academics, and productivity. I hope it will be a helpful resource for all but especially people who are in academics. The site will feature tips and tricks on Mac/iOS, guides on using different apps, workflows, and more. 

What does that mean for this site? Awhile back I started integrating some of the above mentioned areas (i.e. Evernote for Academics) but would like to branch out to a wider audience and have a more focused site on technology and productivity. So this site will continue on but will solely focus on biblical studies and theology.

I hope you've found some of the "tips and tricks" helpful and would be interested in checking out my new site. So, if you are interested, I invite you to check out Techademic! There is a lot of work to do but I hope to officially launch in the next month or so.


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