Creating Measurable Objectives

Notes from the session Creating Measurable Learning Objectives with Objective Builder at the Emerging Technologies for Online Learning by John Raible from the Center for Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida.

Their team created a helpful way of building objectives with their Objective Builder

Goals vs. Objectives

  • Goals
    • Broad, overall statements that are generally difficult to measure
  • Objectives
    • Specific statements that are generally measurable

What is a Good Objective

  • Dick and Carey - The Systematic Design of Instruction - “Objectives guide the designer in selection content and developing the instructional strategy and assessment process”
  • Kemp, Morrison, and Ross (2003) - “Instructors shy away from stating precise objectives is that formulating them demands much thought and effort. Many instructors are not accustomed to such exactness in instructional planning.”
  • Biggs (2003) - 1) Constructive alignment 2) Students’ success tied to design of objectives 3) Connection to assessment

Components of a Well-Structured Learning Objective

  • Plan Learning Experiences
    • What content will you deliver?
    • What methods will you use?
    • What medium will you use?
  • Plan Assessment
    • How will students prove that they have met the above
    • Recommended: Build Rubrics
      • Rubrics solve discrepancies
      • Build rubrics in increments from met to unmet

The D4 Framework

  • Destination
    • The objective itself
  • Design
    • What content do you need to deliver
    • What order should it be delivered in (alignment)
  • Delivery Methods
    • How do you plan to deliver it?
    • Lecture? Text? Game? Video?
  • Delivery Mediums (Specific)
    • Youtube, PowerPoint, etc.

Objective Builder

Key Differences vs. Radio James:

  • “New Bloom’s”
  • Added psychomotor and affective domain
  • Structured CABD format
  • Accessible
  • Resources

Objective Builder Demo

  • An example objective
  • Links to theoretical learning domain research
  • Step-by-step process
  • Built-in explanations of educational terminology
  • Easy to create multiple objectives in one sitting

UCF Objective Builder

A Guide to Writing Objectives

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