Logos Bible Software Resources for Sale

I am selling several of my resources for Logos Bible Software. I'll keep this list updated until all have been sold. Use the form below to contact me. 

Buy $100-149 = 10% off total price
Buy $150-199 = 15% off total price
Buy $200+ = 20% off total price

Note: Logos requires the buyer to pay a $20 license transfer fee. You only pay this once, whether you buy one or all of these items.

Title Author Academic Pricing Selling
Logos 6: Silver Logos 799.99 $750
The New Testament and the People of God NT Wright 25.99 $20
Jesus and the Victory of God NT Wright 29.80 $20
Suprised by Hope NT Wright 17.85 $10
Lewis and Short’s Latin Dictionary 104.95 $60
Dictionary of Major Bible Interpreters IVP 34.95 $10
John MacArthur Essential Bible Study Library John MacArthur No longer available $40
Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament Greg Beale, ed 59.99 $35
BDAG/HALOT Bundle Multiple 248.95 $200
IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament Bundle (Historical Books & Pentateuch) IVP 69.95 $45
IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament Bundle (Prophets & Wisdom, Poetry, and Writings) IVP 71.95 $45
Introducing Biblical Hebrew Allen Ross 49.99 $25
Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon (LSJ) Multiple 130.75 $80
Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics Daniel Wallace 39.95 $15
Grammar of the Greek New Testament A.T. Robertson 59.95 $35
Intermediate New Testament Greek: A Linguistic and Exegetical Approach Richard Young 21.99 $10
Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (11 vols.) Multiple 34.95 $15
Christian Theology, 2nd ed. Millard Erickson 29.99 $5
Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Bible Doctrine Wayne Grudem 30.95 $10
New Bible Commentary D.A. Carson ed. 39.95 $15
The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story Craig Bartholomew 19.95 $10
The Right Doctrine from the Wrong Texts? Greg Beale ed. 36.00 $10
Old Testament Theology Paul House 28.00 $10
New Testament Theology: Magnifying God in Christ Thomas Schreiner 44.99 $20
Orthodoxy CK Chesterton 12.08 $5
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Multiple 104.95 $70
ESV Bible Study Notes Multiple 29.95 $10
An Introduction to the New Testament Carson and Moo 31.99 $15

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