Saturday Recommendation: Coffee Shops in Phoenix

I have several friends going to the SBC this week so I thought I would recommend some coffee shops to check out in Phoenix. Personally, I’ve only been to one of these, Cartel Coffee Lab, but Michael Butterworth has several recommendations and reviews on his excellent coffee site, The Coffee Compass.

  • Cartel Coffee Lab (locations) - Last year I had a layover in the Phoenix airport and was pleasantly surprised to see them in the terminal and they also have several locations in Arizona, including downtown Phoenix.
  • Giant Coffee (location)
  • Kream Coffee (location)
  • Futuro Coffee (location)
  • Press Coffee (locations)
  • Peixoto Coffee (location) - this one has been in the Phoenix for awhile and is about 25-30 minutes from downtown

Here are some articles from the Coffee Compass about coffee in Phoenix

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