Share WiFi Passwords in iOS 11

This is just brilliant. I don't know how many times I've been at a friend or family's house and asking for the WiFi password involves finding the router and typing in a ridiculously long and incoherent password. Seriously can't wait for iOS 11...September is too far away.

With a single button tap, you can send the WiFi password over-the-air to the phone. After a short delay, the iPhone password field will be populated on the iPhone and it will be instantly connected to the network.


Google's New "Ad Blocker" is Quite Shady

This is just gross. Apple a couple years ago began allowing for ad blockers to be integrated into Safari on iOS and is now disabling the auto playing of ads plus trying harder than ever to remove tracking data so you can browse the web safely. Google on the other hand, seems to be doing the same by implementing an ad blocker but it's purely for their advantage. Letting in ads for themselves and getting a cut of the deal. One of the reasons I love Apple is that they put the user's privacy first and will fight for that protection.

“What ads would get blocked? The ones not sold by Google, for the most part.

The Chrome ad blocker would stop ads that provide a “frustrating experience,” according to Google’s blog post announcing the change. The ads blocked would match the standards produced by the Coalition for Better Ads, an ostensibly third-party group. For sure, the ads that would get blocked are intrusive: auto-players with sound, countdown ads that make you wait 10 seconds to get to the site, large “sticky” ads that remain constant even when you scroll down the page.

But who’s part of the Coalition for Better Ads? Google, for one, as well as Facebook. Those two companies accounted for 99 percent of all digital ad revenue growth in the United States last year, and 77 percent of gross ad spending. As Mark Patterson of Fordham University explained, the Coalition for Better Ads is “a cartel orchestrated by Google.”

“There’s more to the story, however. The real goal for Google appears to be not just blocking ads sold by other digital suppliers besides Google, but to undermine third-party ad blockers, which stop Google ads along with everyone else’s.”

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Pixar's downfall

A great article in The Atlantic about the fall of Pixar. Sad to see this taking place:

“A well-regarded Hollywood insider recently suggested that sequels can represent “a sort of creative bankruptcy.” He was discussing Pixar, the legendary animation studio, and its avowed distaste for cheap spin-offs. More pointedly, he argued that if Pixar were only to make sequels, it would “wither and die.” Now, all kinds of industry experts say all kinds of things. But it is surely relevant that these observations were made by Ed Catmull, the president of Pixar, in his best-selling 2014 business-leadership book.”


Apple knocked it out of the park with their iOS 11 announcements plus their upgraded line of iPad Pros. I love what Apple is doing on iPad

Which brings us back to Steve Jobs' cars and trucks analogy. Does it still hold up seven years later when smartphones are for many people their primary computing device? What if it turns out that phones, not tablets, are the cars?

Federighi and Schiller both think the comparison still holds. "Not to overstretch the analogy, but I think there's room for a car, a truck, and something that overlaps both," says Schiller. "The smartphone is our key mode of digital transportation. It's with us all the time — it's our browser, it's our communication device, it's our camera. But can it do the heavy lifting of making a movie or writing an app? Of course not. For higher-end tasks like those, you need a truck; you need a Mac.”


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